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Prices released for upcoming dolls ...

Make your preorders now at Magma Heritage!
All prices quoted below are in Singapore dollars.

Black Enchantment outfit S$49.90
Diva No. 2 S$74.90
Jet Set Giftset Barbie S$159.90
Society Girl Barbie S$74.90
Western Chic Barbie S$74.90
Maria Therese BarbieŽ - S$159.90
Lingerie BarbieŽ No. 4 - S$64.90
Silkstone #5 AA BarbieŽ - S$64.90
Country Bound Fashion S$49.90
BarbieŽ Fashion Model Collection Accessory Pack S$49.90
Winter Concert BarbieŽ - S$129.90
Mademoiselle Isabelle BarbieŽ - S$129.90

Please remember to check the prices again with Madison of
Magma Heritage when you do make your preorders.

Happy Doll Collecting !!

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