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NEW Barbie Dolls !!!!
(19th Jan. 2002)

Barbie® and Ken® Tango™ Giftset
Limited Edition -
First in series

Barbie® and Ken® make a sizzling couple as they dance the Tango in Latin-inspired outfits.
Barbie doll’s fitted red dress with plunging neckline accentuates her every move
with dangling red fringe and hanging black and pink feathers.
Black net stockings and black heels add a racy touch, while hot pink three-quarter
length gloves and dangling rhinestone earrings complete the ensemble.
Her upswept brown hair is adorned with a pink rose and feathers,
and in her mouth, she clenches a single rose given to her by her partner, Ken.
With rooted hair and rugged-looking facial hair, Ken makes a dashing companion.
He’s dressed in pinstriped pants, red collared shirt, and six-button vest that
features a black and red floral pattern on back. A matching tie,
black shoes, and a silvery watch chain complete his outfit.

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