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Toys R Us Singapore ...

TRU S'Pore has launched an
Exclusive Barbie Collectible Loyalty Programme

* For every purchase of S$50 spent on Barbie Collectibles,
you will receive a sticker on the card

* Once 10 stickers are collected, customers can receive a S$100 coupon
to purchase any Barbie Collectibles dolls.

* Customers who purchase any of the advertised dolls
during the Jan 29 - Feb 17 will be given one bonus sticker
and will be able to purchase Scarlett No. 1 Barbie at S$39.90
(regular price S$119.95) once 5 stickers are collected during Jan 29- Feb 17

The advertised dolls in the Strait Times (Feb 1st issue) are :

Enchanted Mermaid (pre-sell available in March 2002)

Flower Iris Barbie (now only at TRU) --- that's what the ad says
but I know Magma Heritage has this doll as well,
and cheaper at that !!
TRU's price S$104.95

Hollywood Gone Platinum Diva Barbie
(again according to the ad "now only at TRU")
but Magma Heritage has her as well ...

Peter Rabbit 100th Anniversary Barbie

Rapunzel Barbie No. 2

--- My personal opinion of this loyalty programme is that it's not all that worth
it ... to get the Scarlett at S$39.95 you have to purchase at least 3 of the above dolls
(since they'll give a bonus sticker for each doll that
means you'll get 6 stickers with 3 dolls)
But would u have ordinarily even gotten 3 of the above dolls? Aside from the Gone
Platinum & the Iris ... what else? The retail price for the Iris is cheaper at
Magma Heritage anyway !! And do u really want that Scarlett doll?
Or is it the price that is tempting u ?

And just think about it ... u have to spend S$500 on Barbie b4 u can
get that S$100 coupon ! I think after spending S$500 on Barbie
(assuming u don't get the Mermaid) you'll probably run out of
Barbies to get with that coupon !

TRU (even the one at Orchard) doesn't have a good selection of
Barbies in the first place ... they used to but in the last year, it's been terrible!
I was there a couple of weekends ago & their Barbie section was almost
devoid of Barbie Collectibles ... !! I couldn't even find the recent dolls
like the Princess series ... they did have a few boxes of Gold & Glamour tucked
away in a corner ... !!
They mostly stock up on playline dolls now. And more often than not, the
condition of the doll boxes aren't all that great! That is of course
not to say that they're damaged or anything ... just not really in PRISTINE
condition like what u usually get at the speciality doll boutiques like Ng's
Collections or Magma Heritage.

If they had wanted to start a loyalty programme for Barbie, they shouldn't
have gone with TRU ... they should've gone with another departmental store like
Takashimaya Shopping Centre. Now that departmental store has
a good selection of Barbies & they have current Barbies as well
as slightly older ones like The Munsters etc.

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