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What dolls are in the stores NOW in Singapore
(Jan 2001)

Gone Platinum AA
Marilyn Monroe
Grand Entrance No. 2
Barbie 2002
Swan Lake Ballerina
Concert Date Ken
Sophistiscated Wedding Barbie (go to Magma to buy her NOW)
Gold N Glamour Barbie (I've only seen her at Magma Heritage !!)
Princess of the Nile
Princess of China

Princess of Ireland
Samantha from Bewitched
I love Lucy Be a Pal
Enchanted Mermaid
Amazing Nails Barbie,Kayla & Lea
Fabergé Imperial Grace Barbie®
Fire & Ice Salt Lake City Winter Olympics 2001
(both Caucasian & AA dolls available)
Twilight Gala Barbie (Members' Choice 2001 Club Doll)
Barbie 2001
Hollywood Cast Party
Arabian Nights
The Munsters
Merlin & Morgan La Fey
Holiday Angel
The Rose
The Orchid
40th Anni. Ken

I can't possible list everything that has come out this last year or so ...
I'll just update this list to reflect the newer ones ...
With the exception of the Amazing Nails line ...
I have chosen to leave out listing the playline dolls ..

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