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Singapore Statutes
Intellectual Property
Trade Marks Act - A Commentary
M Ravindran

Singapore Statutes is a definitive series which presents the texts of key Singapore Acts, grouped together under select titles in an easy-to-use format, and provides commentary, written by specialists in the field, following each provision. The series also reproduces essential subsidiary legislation made pursuant to the Acts (and on occasion other relevant materials, for example, treaties, conventions, circulars, etc).

From the Foreword
This book sets out in a clear, well written manner the principles and practices of the law of trade marks in Singapore and is replete with excellent examples and case studies, making it a gold mine of information.

Liew Woon Yin
Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

This second portable volume of Butterworths’Singapore Statutes is on the Trade Marks Act and features the following:

• a commentary of the sections of the Trade Marks Act (Cap 332, 1999 Ed) together with comparative legislation;

• In-house legal counsel • a treatment of Singapore cases on the law of registered trade marks in the light of the Act as well as relevant UK decisions especially in the areas of registrability, infringement, revocation and invalidity of a registration;

• a look at practice and policy at the Singapore Trade Marks Registry as well as at WIPO in relation to the filing of Madrid Protocol applications;

• an examination of practice and procedure in relation to offences under the Act including applications for search warrants, private prosecutions and sentencing principles;

• the protection of well-known marks under the Act


• a listing of all Singapore cases on trade marks and passing off (divided according to the type of proceedings); and

• a comparison of marks as decided at the Singapore courts and registry and an analysis of the rules of comparison with reference to Singapore decisions.

The volume also includes the following material: comparative legislation;

• the speech by the Minister on the occasion reading of the Trade Marks Bill together with the Explanatory Statement accompanying the Bill;

• all relevant subsidiary legislation including the Trade Marks Rules, the Trade Marks (International Registration) Rules and the Trade Marks (Border Enforcement Measures) Rules together with the relevant forms;

• relevant notices and circulars issued by the Singapore Trade Marks Registry;

• list of countries and territories which are members of the Paris Convention, the World Trade Organisation and the Madrid Protocol; and

• the Geographical Indications Act.

Who would benefit from the book?

• Intellectual property lawyers

• In-house legal counsel

• Paralegals involved in trade marks law

• Judicial officers