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Limited Edition

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Wedgwood Barbie
Goddess of Beauty
Goddess of Wisdom
Hanae Mori Barbie
Midnight Tuxedo - Club Doll (blonde)
Society Hound
Merlin & Morgan Le Fay
The Rose
Blush Becomes Her Fashion
Fashion Model Lingerie Barbie (3rd)
Lisette (Silkstone Series) Barbie
Burberry Barbie (2nd doll)
The Orchid (2nd one after The Rose)
Dusk to Dawn Giftset
Tales of the Arabian Nights Giftset
Wedgwood Barbie (no.2)
Twilight Gala (Member's Choice Doll 2002)
Goddess of Spring
Holiday Treasures 2001
Fantasy Goddess of the Artic
Enchanted Mermaid
1996 Empress Sissy
1998 Harpist Angel
After the walk Barbie (Coca Cola Series)
Holiday Treasures 2001

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