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As a child growing up ... I loved dolls! I may have been
a gregarious, loud & bossy girl .. but I wasn't a tomboy and
I didn't hate dolls ... I LOVED THEM! .... And here are the
"survivors" of my childhood .. well, the Barbies anyway !
Click on the little buttons next to the names to view
the dolls / accessories !

Crystal Barbie - 1983

Loving you Barbie - 1984

Oscar De La Renta fashion (V) - 1986 ?

Barbie Motor Bike ... - 1985 ?

Barbie Kitchen Set - 1986

These Barbie dolls are not that old .. they're
Barbies bought over the
last couple of years ...

Irish Barbie (2nd edition)

Barbie as Rapunzel

Hula Hair Barbie

Barbie had a Little Lamb

Barbie as Snowflake

Pretty Flowers Barbie

1999 Ballerina Dreams Barbie

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