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Steffie Face Mold ....


This face mold was first seen on the 1971 Steffie.
This beautiful girl was the first of many with this particular face.
She had a slightly open, pouting mouth.
The Steffie-mold is the far most popular one that have ever been used.
It can be used for any color of doll and so it has been.
This mold has been in use on and off since it first was introduced
in the early '70s and the latest doll to have used it is
Mackie's Fantasy Goddess of Asia.

I first saw my friend's Malibu PJ doll & fell in love instantly with the
face mold ... I have since embarked on a new direction where
my collection is concerned ... I now scour Ebay & other message boards
in search of Barbies with this beautiful face mold.

Here is a list I found on the internet of all the dolls made with
this lovely face mold !

Here are my purchases so far ...

1972 Sun Set Malibu PJ
DOTW Spanish 1989
1990 Summit Barbie (Hispanic)
1992 Woolworth's Special Expressions (Hispanic)
California/California Dream Midge 1987
1988 Cool Times Midge
1986 DOTW German Barbie
1981 Sun Lovin Malibu PJ
Style Magic Whitney
1990 Lights & Lace Teresa
1982 Bride Tracy
1988 High School Stacie
1993 Western Stampin' Tara Lynn
Mrs. Heart (of the Heart AA Family)
1990s Reina (Japan Exclusive)
1990s Ultra Hair Whitney (European Exclusive)
1989 Wet N Wild Teresa
Hawaiian Barbie 1982

1983 Sweet Roses PJ
1985 Peruvian Barbie DOTW
Flight Time Hispanic Barbie 1989

All American Teresa 1990

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