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A note from me ! ....
(Feb 2002)

Have u seen the new Candi dolls and the new Jason Wu dolls?
They're gorgeous! And the new Alex line? Gorgeous as well ...
Clea Bella is not too bad as well. And I think Eve by Susan Wakeen
is wonderful.

That's the thing with me ... I don't only love Barbies. I love dolls in general.
And with the 2002 collections out ... I'm finding it
more & more difficult to just stick to one doll - Barbie.
I've already pre-ordered several Alex dolls ...
and I'm now resisting the strong urge to pre-order the new Candi line
and the Jason Wu line ... (don't u just love Veronique & Adele?)

I've also always thought Daisy & Willow dolls by Knickerbocker were
lovely as well ... I just never got around to buying any of them.
Sad to say they were dropped from Knickerbocker's 2002 line.
Luckily, I managed to find a few NRFB D&W dolls on Ebay
& have deceded to purchase them ... at a fraction of their original
retail price !! I'm so happy!

I've also realized that I love hunting for bargains. If I lived in the
States, I probably would have no qualms about driving far away
just to get a doll on sale ... then again, the time, effort & money
spent might not make the trip all that worth it.

I just got the Fashion Designer Silkstone ... she is just gorgeous!
She is my fav doll for the moment ... ! Then again, I love ALL
my dolls .. I have yet to regret any of my purchases. They're all
wonderful !

I was contemplating this the other day:
What if my house was on fire? What would I do ? I don't think
I could lug all my dolls out in time ... but I have, what I call,
"My Priority List: Things to save in the event of a fire"
No. 1 of course is my daughter (My husband can jolly well run out
of the house on his own -- & he can drag his own mother with him)
No. 2 ALL my dolls (if possible) -- in the
event that the fire is a big huge one & I have to choose, then I'll save
all my silkstones first ... then all the limited edtions ones according
to their price.
No.3 -- My collection of audio CDs ... I haven't figured
out the rest of the list ... I don't think I'll have time to save anything
else ...

My husband says he can actually picture me frantically
& desperately grabbing my dolls & running out of the house
nevermind the impt documents we should save first like
our birth records etc. I think it's time to draw up a list for him to so he
can do some saving too -- the other stuff we have in our house, like documents,
photo albums and of course some of my dolls as well ! hehehe.

The best thing of course is for my house to NEVER EVER be
on fire ...
As for natural disasters like earthquakes, floods & typhoons ...
I thank God everyday I live in Singapore where these
things don't occur !!

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